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Presidential Gardens Bldg 3

Solar Hot Water Heating System

Haverhill, MA

To change time, click and drag scroll bar at bottom of schematic. The selected time can be seen on the clock.

Hold mouse over sensor to view sensor names.

Select a day or week from calendar. This will show the average of dates selected. (ex. Tank Sensor average at 1:00pm for 1 week)

Color of sensor bubble changes as the sensor value changes. Blue indicates a low value, and red indicates a high value.

Available Sensors:
3 Collector (S1)
3 Tank Bottom (S2)
3 Solar Loop Hot (S3)
3 Solar Loop Cold (S4)
3 Solar HEX to tank (S5)
3 Domestic pre-heat out (S6)
3 Domestic Cold In (S7)
3 Solar Loop Pump (R1)
3 Solar Production Loop Delta (S3-S4)
3 Solar Production
3 Solar Production / Area
3 Outdoor Ambient Temp
Use calendar to view different time spans.

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Installed by RES Solar

First Data Point 10-19-2018

Commercial Drain Back System

Site contains:

  • 20 SunEarth ThermoRay TRB-32 Flat Plate Collectors. SRCC#: 10001804
  • Gross Area of collectors: 656.6 sq. ft (61 sq. m)
  • Collector Tilt Angle: 38 degrees
  • 50% Cryotek Glycol in collector loop
  • Azimuth: 180 Degrees (true south)
  • Grundfos CR5-3 Pump in collector loop
  • 750 Gallon Hydroflex Storage Tank
  • Stiebel Eltron SOM 10 Controller
  • Single Wall Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger in solar loop
  • Single Wall Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger in domestic loop
  • Rated Power Output: 42.70 kW